Welcome at the website of Barbara Stok, the author of 'Vincent'. Barbara Stok is an award-winning comic artist from The Netherlands. Her book 'Vincent', about Vincent van Gogh, is published in many countries around the world. At the moment she is making a graphic novel about a philosopher.

Vincent is a graphic novel about the brief and intense period of time Vincent van Gogh spent in the south of France. He dreams of setting up an artists' house in Arles for himself and his friends. However, his attacks of mental illness confuse and disorient him, culminating in the notorious incident with his ear and leaving his dreams shattered. Throughout all of this, Vincent's brother Theo stands by him, offering constant and unconditional support.

Van Gogh was passionate about his art. His ideas about success, setbacks and how to create a meaningful life provide an interesting counterpoint to our age of individualism and economic thinking. Stok has succeeded in turning the experiences of this 19th-century artist into a story that is relevant to our own times.

The Guardian: "a vibrant, sad account of Van Gogh's move to Arles"

The Times: "the certainty of [Stok's] line resides in its very freedom from style, enabling the subtle colours to sing."
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'Vincent' is published in the following countries:
The Netherlands (Nijgh & Van Ditmar, 2012)
Turkey (Yapi Kredi, 2013)
Italy (BAO, 2014)
United Kingdom (Self Made Hero, 2014)
Korea (Open Books, 2015)
Czech Republic (Mladá Fronta, 2015)
Greece (AIORA Press, 2015)
France (Emmanuel Proust Editions, 2015)
United States (Self Made Hero, 2015)
Canada (Self Made Hero, 2015)
Brazil (Publibook/LPM, 2015)
Denmark (Turbine, 2016)
Germany (Seemann Henschell, 2016)
Spain (Salamandra, 2017)
Colombia (Salamandra, 2017)
Argentina (Salamandra, 2017)
Croatia (VBZ, 2018)

'Vincent' will soon be released in:
China (Shanghai 99 Readers' Culture)
Egypt (Al Kotob Kahn)
Croatia (VBZ)

At the moment Barbara Stok is making a new book: a graphic novel about a philosopher from ancient Greece. The book is scheduled to be published in 2019.

Her latest book, a compilation of short autobiographical stories, will soon be translated: it will be published in Korea. The Korean publisher, Open Book, was also the first to buy the rights of 'Vincent', after which more than sixteen countries followed.

Barbara Stok (b. 1970) has become a well known comic artist in The Netherlands for her candid autobiographical stories. She briefly studied at the Photography Academy and worked as a journalist, before ultimately choosing the profession of comic-book writer and illustrator. In her comic strips Stok usually depicts her own everyday life: concerts, getting drunk, the fear of death, the art of doing nothing – Barbara Stok focuses on a range of themes but always with a light touch. Robert Crumb called her stories "quite funny, well-told, courageously truthfull". In 2009 she won the Stripschapprijs, the most prestigious comic awards in the Netherlands, for her oeuvre. Her book 'Vincent', about Vincent van Gogh, is published in many countries around the world. In addition to her work for newspapers and magazines, she has ten books to her name. At the moment Barbara Stok is working on a new graphic novel, about a philosopher.